I’m always switching, testing and reviewing different phones. My main device (right now, anyway) is a Galaxy S4 on Verizon. However, I also have an account with T-Mobile that I keep open mainly for review units and testing. T-Mobile is a great company if you live in a larger city. Fast data speeds, really affordable rate plans, a pretty solid selection of phones, and the freedom to switch out devices as often as you want. I wouldn’t hesitate to switch to completely switch to T-Mobile if they just had better 4G LTE coverage. I travel a lot (including outside major cities), and that’s the single biggest reason I stay with Verizon.

If you’re anything like me, you use your phone mostly for data-connected tasks (email, social networking, photo sharing, etc) and text messaging. You don’t do much actualtalking on the phone. If T-Mobile has good coverage in your area, this rate plan I’m going to tell you about should absolutely convince you to switch.

Wal-Mart has an exclusive deal with T-Mobile for a $30 monthly prepaid rate plan that gives you 5 GB of 4G data, unlimited text messaging and 100 minutes. It’s technically only available if you purchase your SIM starter activation kit from Wal-Mart. T-Mobile retail stores cannot and will not set you up with this plan. However, if you dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone and tell them you want to switch to this plan, they’ll set you up. When I called, the representative had to get her supervisor to make the change to my account, which tells me it’s not something T-Mobile reallwants to promote. Why would they, after all? The most comparable plan to this one, as far as data is concerned, is the unlimited plan for $70 a month. This one is less than half the price, and as long as you don’t need more than 100 minutes of actual talk time a month, it’s a no brainer. If you use more than that, minutes are 10 cents each.

Most of us live near a Wal-Mart, so you could head over and pick up the SIM starter kit and have access to the plan easily and legitimately. If you’re already a T-Mobile customer, it might take a little more sweet talking of the customer service reps. If you run into trouble, just hang up and call again until you get a representative who will make the change for you.

The $30 plan has $2.70 in tax on it, making the grand total $32.70 a month – about a dollar a day. It doesn’t get better than that, folks.

  • Donna Bacon Jarrell

    Too bad this does not apply to the tmobile hotspot. I purchase the $30 refill card each month but it only gives me 200MB of data at 4G and the throttles down to 2G speed for the rest of the month. This is the only card that gives unlimited usage for one month. Recent changes in the law now prevents internet providers from throttling down but unfortunately this law does not apply to prepaid services. Do you know of any “secret” plan that tmobile offers for the hotspot? Also my hotspot shows little envelopes on the display screen with a number overlaid on the envelope. I realize this indicates that these indicate messages but how the hell do I access these messages and read and delete them. Since the hotspot is basically a cell phone operating as a hotspot but without cellphone capabilities I cannot access the indicated mail directly. I have spoken with the “geeks” at Walmart and they do nt know. During a live chat with tmobile support they did not even know what I was talking about. Any suggestions?

    • myz06vette